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As we write this article, spring is suddenly very much in the air with the hedgerows turning brilliant green as the first hawthorn appears. For the Garth garden there has been a flurry of activity, broad beans, shallots, onions, parsnips and potatoes have all been planted outdoors, with the green house rapidly filling up with pots and trays of more tender seeds. Our resident slow worms have come out of hibernation and have been spotted sunbathing.

May is the ideal time to plant crops like beans but wait until the end of the month when the soil has warmed up. Alternatively you can start off climbing French and runner beans in pots on a window sill, but remember frosts are still possible until the end of May, so don't plant out too soon, keeping an eye on weather forecasts. Climbing beans were originally grown in Britain as ornamentals—looking attractive in flower beds plus giving you food! Fast growing crops are suitable for sowing in small amounts at regular intervals, so this month is also a good time to sow things like lettuce, rocket and radish.

With the warm spring weather, crops like our overwintered salad have put on a growth spurt and we have started again selling extra produce at the Spar, Glyn Ceiriog, Pontfadog Post office and Porters, Llangollen. We will be selling a range of our seasonal produce there so do check the shelves for our freshly harvested fruit and vegetables. We also supply a few individuals directly with seasonal vegetables on a weekly basis; if this would of interest to you, please get in touch.

The recent inter-governmental report on climate change, reminded us of the reasons behind the setting up of the Garth Garden . Wales grows only 4% of its own food, yet the Garth shows it is possible to successfully grow a whole range of crops, supporting and increasing biodiversity at the same time as mitigating climate change. In the long term producing more food where we live makes sense, rather than shipping, flying and freighting so much from far away and of course it tastes wonderful too.

New volunteers are always welcome so come along on a Thursday or contact us about other volunteering opportunities.

Top Tip: Remember plants coming out of the greenhouse or from a sill need hardening off. Put them outside during the day bringing them in at night, for at least a week before planting out.

To find out more contact Jude on 01691 718127 or Catherine on 07715 930588

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